The English faculty of the classroom teaching is keeping with the communicate approach prescribed by the C.B.S.E. An English class is one of the most interesting and innovative classes with a host of interactive activities like brain steaming sessions, group discussions, pair work, debates, project work, symposiums etc.


Sanskrit is given as a choice for the third language to be started from class V onwards. A student can choose between any of the two subjects as a third language which is to be followed till he/she reaches class 9. The teachers make the classes simple enough for the children to grasp new languages which will always be an added asset all through their life.

General Science

Teaching science in R.D Public School is exhilarating experiences not only for the teacher but also for students. Teachers perform innovative experiments to explain a concept clearly. Students are encouraged to bring in experiments and demonstrate. They use computers for making POWER POINT presentations on varied topics. We believe in taking science beyond the four walls of the Class Room.Learning by Doing makes science fun. Massive participation by students in the various scholarship examinations is a proof of their interest in the subject.We have well-equipped labs- Physics, Chemistry, & Biology each accommodating 30 to 35 students at a time for all classes from I to X.

Social Science

Social Science deals with the evolution of mankind, human interaction with the environment, his struggle for existence and his efforts to adopt himself to his surroundings. History, Civics or Political Science, Economics and Geography are integral components of Social Science at the school level. History enables students to understand the chronology of events and recognize the complexities of historical cause and effect. It helps students to connect the past with the present. The objective is inculcating in students the skill to critically analyze facts. Students read Indian history with the objective of developing sensibility whereby they also learn to appreciate Indian rich cultural heritage.

History And Civics

History is a subject that links the past to the present and shows the path to future. We strive to teach our PAST to our students, not because they need to know a collection of OLD facts but because history helps them understand how the world works and how human beings behave. For better and effective apprehending of knowledge, the subject is initiated to the students in a sequential and structured manner starting with ancient history in standard VI, followed by medieval in standard VII and modern history from standard VIII onwards. We give immense impetus on activity based teaching by encouraging the students to actively participate in various projects related to their curriculum (e.g. Model building / conception development workshop related to major historical events by collection of all relevant information including photograph, pictures and illustration, chart-making, etc.


Geography is a subject opening unlimited vistas for knowing our planet, the vast oceans and continents, the high and lofty peaks, undulating land, abysmal features along with the endless and continuous turbulences that bring about changes on the face of the land. It also throws light on the life of the people, the climate, fertile land and grasslands, availability of water, mineral resources, transport and communication, which leads to and help in the development of settlements.


1.Variety of teaching aids like models, globe, wall maps are used.
2.Strong Practical demonstration to explain the concept of the occurrence of day and night, cycle of seasons are conducted
3.Students are encouraged to have field trips and collect the specimens of rocks in their trip.
4.Colored pictures are used to show the land features
5.Projects are given to the students. etc.

Computer Science

With INDIA being a very strong contender for IT developers, we can at the school level only give the strong foundation that is needed to meet this growing need.
We at our firmly believe that if the childs foundation is strong, the man that he grows up to be can only be as sturdy as the ROCK OF GIBRALTER. The Computer Department is actively involved in tapping the potential of the child for his own sturdy future. More stress is given on practical assignments. The primary concern of the staff is education and not just teaching. As a further step, children are guided and taught extra courses like ORACLE that is conducted by the ORACLE academy. The class XII is being offered two streams in Computers- Computer Science dealing with C++ programming and Information Practices dealing with Oracle and Visual Basic.


Commerce is becoming one of the most sought after streams today, what with changing trends and lucrative jobs apart from the added excitement of entrepreneurship.
Buisiness Studies
Mathematics etc.