Abhyanand Kumar


The RD Public School is based on the principle of experiential learning which is enhanced by being located at vaishali. It co-exists with shared infrastructure facilities like the sports and various academies, making the entire school your childs classroom. This school was set up with a vision of providing an unparalleled learning experience to children.


RD Public School is an ideal choice for parents who are very keen to educate their wards at a world class school with matching facilities and expertise.


More so, each school has its own definition of education and formulates its own unique methodology, work environment, ethos and traditions resulting in a vast variety of end products.


We believe in changing ourselves with time. We believe in inculcating new ideas in our curriculum. We do realize sitting on our past work is not enough but we need to create and recreate ourselves.


But one thing remains the same, our dedication to provide quality education and our determination to make Central Academy dynamic institute, catering for overall development of a child.

Our effort is focused not only on pure study but also on providing opportunity to each child to explore his or her own capabilities and area of interest. For this, we have provided each child with many activities both co-curricular and extra curricular to help the child become the best person he or she can be.

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